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School Uniform

2019-2020 Updated Uniform Guidelines 

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Dress Code

Staff and students are expected to model proper examples of Islamic dress. To ensure modesty and a disciplined academic environment, all students will acquire and wear the necessary uniform items appropriate for their grade level. Students must remain in uniform at all times while on the school grounds, as well as during all field trips and other such school activities unless otherwise authorized by the administration and/or School Board. The school reserves the right to refuse admission into class and school to any student out of uniform. In addition, it is the school’s right to determine if an item being worn complies with uniform policy, including color of clothing (sweater, pants, jumper, socks, abaya/jalbab).  Students who fail to comply with uniform requirements are subject to disciplinary action. Students are expected to follow the uniform policy.  There will be no excuses as to why a student is not in correct uniform on a daily basis from the first day of school until the last day.  The uniform specifications are as follows:


Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd grade – Girls

3rd and 4th grade – Girls

5th grade – Girls 

*** Abaya/jalbab needs to be put on before entering the school driveway/parking lot ***

Middle School (grades 6th and up) – Girls

*** Abaya/jalbab needs to be put on before entering the school driveway/parking lot ***

Shoes – All girls

Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th grade & Middle School (grades 6th and up) – Boys

Shoes – All boys

Hifz Program


General Uniform Guidelines:

Reminder: Parents are requested to write the student’s name on every uniform garment. Al Ihsan School is not responsible for any lost or stolen uniform items. Uniforms with illegible names or no name will be disposed of at the school’s discretion.

Cold Weather Days

In cold weather, if children wear heavy boots to school, they should be prepared to change into normal uniform shoes.  Clothing should be clearly labeled with the child’s name. Boots and winter clothing should be loose enough to allow the child to dress him/herself.  Students can bring a sweater to class, but nothing with a hood is allowed (regardless if it is a sweater).  

Requirements for Physical Education/Outdoor Recess for All Grades

  1. Children will be required to participate in weekly physical education activities. 
  2. Students must wear gym shoes on the days there is gym class. 
  3. All students will be given extra time to change into and out of appropriate gym attire if needed.
  4. During the early spring and late autumn, all children should have a lightweight jacket or sweatshirt to use when physical education classes are held outdoors. 
  5. A written excuse from parents is required if a child is unable to take physical education on a particular day. Recess activities will be limited. 
  6. A doctor’s note is required for a prolonged absence from Physical Education.